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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make a purchase?

The first step to make a purchase is to email me at ecollins@frontieredgeworks.com. Please include the item number of the product/products you wish to purchase and your preferred payment method (Paypal, check, or money order) in this initial email. If you wish to pay using a credit card we will then send you an invoice through paypal merchant services. There is no need to already have an PayPal account to use this service. Money orders, personal checks, and cashiers checks are also accepted through the postal system. After your payment has cleared (this will happen instantly with PayPal), we will promptly ship your order.


What shipping options are there?

We usually ship within 24 hours of receipt of payment via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping insurance is included in your flat rate shipping and handling charge. The flat rate shipping charge is only applicable to addresses in the lower 48 States. If you have any special preferences of how you item is shipped please let me know. We have no problem with shipping international and/or UPS, of course these shipping charges will usually be higher than average USPS rates.


What is paypal and why do you use it?

Paypal is necessary for the purposes of purchasing on this web site because we are selling one-of-a-kind items. By using this system we avoid double payments for knives in which we only have one of.

There are a number of reasons why it is beneficial for both the buyer and seller to use PayPal

Paypal Saves You Time

  • Keep all your financial info in one place
  • Use different credit cards for different purchases
  • Make payments directly from your bank account
  • No more hassle typing credit card numbers each time you make a purchase
  • Faster than money orders and checks - no waiting for the mail, no waiting in line at the bank

PayPal is Trusted Worldwide

  • More than 50 million member accounts and growing
  • Used across the world in 190 countries and regions
  • Widely accepted on merchant web sites, and is preferred on Ebay

PayPal is Safe

  • Your financial info is never shared
  • Sellers never see credit card or bank account numbers
  • Experienced fraud protection team fights fraud before it happens


What makes a Frontier Edge Works knife special?

That's a easy one! We have a unique product that can only be made from years of experience in the field. Our antiquing methods are our competitive advantage and have been developed to perfection. Coupling this with quality and historically accurate raw materials results in a beautiful specimen of museum quality.


Are your knives meant for actual use?

No. Our replicas are suited for collectors items and strictly for show and display. However, these knives are NOT toys. I personally have used mine for various activities (not chopping wood!), but do not recommend this for someone who wants to protect the integrity of their knife over time. Since these knives are made to resemble artifacts recovered from the ground, they should be treated as so. Actual use would diminish the exterior finish with scuffs and scrapes; while natural animal hide glue is not a great substitute for non historically accurate super glue adhesives and rivets. They are shipped to you reasonable sharp, but not razor sharp. Proper considerations should be made concerning handling and display locations when children may be present.


What is a replica?

The definition of replica is a copy or reproduction of a work of art. So essentially what we sell are historically accurate examples of weaponry from the Fur Trade Era.


How should I maintain and take care of my knife?

All custom made knives and replicas should not receive prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and/or hot temperatures. This increases fading of finishes, cracks and other adverse reactions due to over drying, as well as the weakening of the bonds of adhesives. We suggest using 3-in-1 oil for the blade when necessary. As for the handle we suggest using Johnson's paste wax. This wax can usually be purchased at retailers such as Wal-Mart in the cleaning products section. A tablespoon amount of wax should be suitable for hand rubbing onto the surfaces and in the crevices of the handle. This type of wax is ideal because it protects the exterior integrity by locking in the natural color and hafting luster while locking out moisture, rust, and other harmful elements. After applying the wax let the piece sit for a few minutes then hand buff off with a dry cloth or buffing wheel.


What types of steel do you use with your knives?

All of our blades are composed of hand forged primitive steel similar to what was used for the mass produced trade blades imported by the Europeans in exchange for fur pelts. This metal can also be considered medium steel.


What handle stock materials are used?

We use Osage Orange wood, bone, Deer, Elk, and Moose Antler for most of our replicas. These are all dense materials historically favored for tool handles.


Do you supply sheaths with your knives?

Unless otherwise noted on the information for an individual knife we do not offer a sheath included with the price. We often do take orders for sheaths; these have to be custom made and molded to the specific knife of interest (1-2 week wait time for custom jobs).


What Display options are there?

There are MANY varying display options for our Signature Fur Trade line of knives and other replicas. These range from elaborate framed shadow boxes to simple decorative rocks or antler as something to lean your knife on for a table display. Included in the sale price of our knives is a simple antler base with a slit to position the blade in. These work great for table top displays.


Where are you located?

All of our handmade items are produced and shipped from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. We do NOT have a retail location at this time.


Will your knives hold a good edge?

Yes! We have had feedback from many customers that our blades hold a good edge. However we do not recommend our collectors knives and other weaponry replicas for actual use. These items are designed to show as historically accurate as possible the beauty, ingenuity, and utilitarian nature of the original weaponry resulting out of the Great American Fur Trade Era.


How can I become a dealer?

Frontier Edge Works is now offering dealer discounts for our Signature Fur Trade replica knife product line. These knives work very well in retail shops, rendezvous, pow-wows, trade and knife shows, as well as many other collectible oriented retail venues. Our wholesale offerings are priced generously considering that we are the sole direct-channel producers of this one-of-kind handmade line of knives and replicas. Dealer displays and other selling aids are also available. Please email us at ecollins@frontieredgeworks.com for a personalized dealer solution for your company or organization.


Do you have any questions that are not answered on this page? Please don't hesitate to ask. You can drop us an email anytime at ecollins@frontieredgeworks.com.







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