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Product Reference Number: GS099





  • 70 Antiqued Brass Tacks
  • 6 Turkey Feathers
  • Hand Twisted Leather Twine
  • 2 Trade Style Hand Forged Arrow Point Blades
  • Decorative Gut Wrapped Handle
  • Natural Leather Hand Baseball Stitched Grips
  • Hand Carved Etchings
  • Red Trade Wool w/ Authentic Animal Sinew Wrapping on Base of Feathers
  • Authentic Animal Hide Glue
  • Natural Red and Yellow Ochre
  • Burned and Antiqued Extensively

Aproximate Dimensions

Overall Length: 31 1/4 in
Club Head Width: 4 3/4 in
Blade: (2)x 2 1/2 inch Trade Arrow Blades

Price: $160.00

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