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Our Signature Fur Trade line of knives are one-of-a-kind replicas insuring each is a museum quality piece. In our efforts to create the most historically accurate Fur Trade specimens available, we only use materials readily available to the original designers through The Great American Fur Trade. Some of the natural and European traded materials used on these knives include hand forged primitive steel blades, natural animal hide glue adhesives, trade beads, ochers and pigments straight from the ground, antiqued brass tacks, as well as handle stock known to have been used during that period.

The Gun Stock War Club is one of the first known forms of psychological warfare in Native American culture. When slung over the shoulder of an individual, it gives the impression to anyone observing that the person is carrying fire power and therefore should not be messed with. A large group of warriors carrying this form of weapon would seem like much more of an adversary than they actually were. This weapon shows the pure ingenuity of the Native Americans to adapt in light of the new arsenals of weapons that were becoming available from european traders.


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